Thanks for writing this. I am new to Medium and the first thing I tried to publish was a series. Fortunately, I was unable to do so (Medium support was quick to help.) That gave me a chance to read your article and realize I was trying to use the series feature the wrong way. I started to publish an 18 week self improvement series with each card being a long blog post. Now I know each card needs to be something short with a link to a blog.

I do have a few points though. This post, “Why You Need to Stop Overlooking the Medium Series,” is eight months old and:

  1. The desktop interface is still terrible.
  2. I am unable to send my series to an Android phone to preview.
  3. Unlike stories, there is no way to publish a link to a draft for feedback prior to publishing.
  4. I have been looking for series to see what other people are doing, but what you linked in the article are the only ones I have been able to find.

I hate to be the new guy complaining, but how seriously is Medium taking the Series feature?

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Attorney. Author of Train Your Iguana — Think Past the Emotional Barriers to Success in Family Law.

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